Fashion Basics: Go from Mom to Model in Minutes!


Mom is a title that carries a lot of weight and is full of so much responsibility. We spend most of our days tending to the needs of others we can easily forget about our own needs and ourselves.

As moms, we tend to look as exhausted as we feel, but we don’t have to. With just a few basic pieces of clothing, some accessories and a little time you can look like an off duty model instead of an on duty mom.

What to Wear

Lets start with the basics. Believe it or not a pair of great fitting jeans and a simple t-shirt is the foundation for a put together look.

When choosing your denim, go for what is comfortable for you. If you’re not into the latest trends, then don’t attempt them. Hey, distressed denim is not for everyone!

Your t-shirt can be a plain solid color or it can be a vintage band tee just make sure it’s not too tight, too short or too long.  I like mine to go to mid hip.

Choose Your Shoes

If you’re running around doing errands with the kids opt for cute and comfortable shoes. My favorites are white low top converse. They are comfy, easy to clean and always in style.


Grab a (Fashionable) Bag

I stopped using diaper bags a long time ago. Big bulky bags with characters on them just didn’t cut it for me. Instead I just carry a large purse with me that can double as a diaper bag. The key is it has to have a lot of inside compartments.

Find Your Signature Make Up Look

The next step is makeup. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Where am I going to find the time to apply makeup?” Have a “go to” look. A signature look is a real time saver.lipstick_mom_fashion

Once you’ve done it so many times you begin to get into a rhythm and it becomes second nature to you. What may have started out as a 30-minute process can become 10 once you’ve mastered it.


Go From Day to Night

To take your look from day to night is easier than you’d think. Simply dress it up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace.

Vintage Rock

I hope you find this advice to be of some help. Give it a try and I bet all the moms at the next PTA meeting will be wanting to know how you look so good!

About Sam

Samantha JadeSamantha Jade Minor is a wife and mother of 7.  When she isn’t tending to her big family she is designing clothes for her fashion line Lady Minor, doing makeup tutorials on YouTube or writing for her fashion/beauty blog My Legendary Style. Sam can usually be found at the beach, at Sephora or Starbucks on rough days.

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