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The kiddos are back to school and three plus weeks have gone by. Teachers are getting ready to begin to send progress alerts home and you are beginning to worry about your child’s progress at school. I believe in providing a variety of educational experiences for kids at home.  We’ve done our best to recreate a school environment in our playroom, with a variety of educational toys that my daughter enjoy.

I have to say, though, that it’s the iPhone and iPad that provide the most educational motivation for my daughter. Technology is now a huge part of our kids lives, so I decided to create a list of apps that has helped me to introduce some learning into my daily routine with my toddler and also some that can be used with elementary age children.

I’ve found some really amazing apps for my iPhone and iPad that help reinforce what my daughter is and will be learning at school.  At our house, we have an iPad, and we also have two iPhones.  My daughter is constantly asking to play on them . . . and since we  have mostly educational games, I feel pretty good about our moderate use of technology as a teaching tool.

The apps I am recommending cover important skills such as developing high-level thinking and spatial skills, building reading and written expressions skills, and mastering basic sight words.  Okay, here are some of my favorite educational apps:

Kids Academy Learn ABC alphabet is a fun app that will help make learning to write your letters fun. This app provides Montessori worksheets for kids that will help develop good handwriting skills. (Free)


Sid the Science Kid is a fun app that introduces science facts. Sid the Science Kid Read & Play is packed with stories and fun activities aimed at developing early science exploration. It features two story books, jokes, games, sing along music videos, coloring pages and more! ($2.99)

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Lola’s Train is a cute app that has multiple levels of math facts. Lola the Panda goes on a journey to invite all of her friends to her birthday party. Along the way she provides an interactive world where children can learn and practice key skill such as adding, subtracting and puzzles. (Free)


Math Evolve has an engaging, video-game feel, but it involves solving math problems to win the game. A fun and engaging learning tool for practicing  math facts, number sense, and mental math skills. ($2.99)

imagesThe “Teach Me” series is a great collection of grade-level skill building apps. The app includes math, reading, spelling and writing. Great app to practice basic sight words and basic skills. ($1.99/each)

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Splash Math is another good grade-related app, this time focusing on math. However, if a student is advance for their grade levels skills he/she can move on to the next grade level. On the other hand if the child needs remediation in a specific skill then they will receive that. (Free)

download (1) A great math app is Rocket Math. Kids have to solve math problems in order to earn the gear they need to launch a spaceship. This game does a nice job of using incentives to keep kids interested. This game provides kids with the opportunity to practice all of their basic facts an important skill needed for success in higher level math. (Free)


MyOn Reader app is great for reading great books. If you have school aged children, then you probably have hear about MyOn. MyOn Reader has finally gone mobile! This app allows kids to choose books they would like to read from a collection of thousands of books. An awesome new addition to MyOn Reader is that even your younger children can use this app if you live in Hillsborough county its absolutely free. (Free)


The ABC Song app is a simple musical app that teaches kids to sing the alphabet song. It also has a matching letters game, and a letter bubble pop game. Great for letter recognition. (Free)


If you haven’t yet discovered, I highly recommend it as an educational website. They’ve got some great apps, too. They have several classic books that read along with your child. It’s not free, but its inexpensive and it also provides you with a 30 day trial. ($7.95/month)

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What are some of your favorite educational apps for young children?

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