Let’s get Selfish – Why breast is best for MOMS!

This is Breastfeeding week – And you’ve probably read a lot of warm and fuzzy posts about the beautiful bonding experience moms and babies share while up at 2am staring into each others loving eyes… Or perhaps you’ve read some maddening posts about moms who were HORRIFICALLY told they are one step away from publicizing pornography by breastfeeding their children.
This is neither of those.
This is me – being selfish – and explaining the top three reasons why breast is best… for MOMS!
I’ll start with #3… But you’ll want to stick around for #1 – because it is, without a doubt, the single best reason in the entire universe to keep breastfeeding.
Let’s get started.
#3…. Breastfeeding saves you a TON of cash.
I mean, a ton. A billion dollars perhaps.
I don’t know if you’ve looked recently but formula is massively expensive. It’s like $25 for one of those jugs. Now, in the beginning, those jugs can last you a week – But, eventually, your adorable little suckling newborn becomes a full-fledged milk hoarding leech.. and you’ll be going through 2 of those jugs in a week.
That adds up to a lot of cash. Cash that you could be spending on diapers or crib sheets or wine. (Yes, I said wine).
I know what you’re thinking… Those breast pumps are expensive. Yes, they are… And so are those stupid little storage plastic things… But that expense is nowhere near as bad as those jugs of powdered goodness.
#2… The convenience.
Oh. My. Gosh. I HATED having to pack bottles and formula and water and carry them with me in the diaper bag. And then if I ran out – we had to go home. With breastfeeding, you never run out!
My breast is with me all the time!
I could spend the entire day out somewhere with the baby and never have to worry about not having enough food.
It was much easier, neater and more convenient for the entire family.
But both of those reasons  pale in comparison to the number one best reason for MOM to breastfeed…
I have never been skinnier than in the years that I breastfed my children. I didn’t have to work out, I could eat whatever I wanted and the weight just dropped off me. After my daughters, I was back in my normal clothes within 2 weeks – and SKINNIER than that in the weeks that followed.
Screw Jenny Craig!  And Weight Watchers can kiss my toned, tight butt – Breastfeeding is the diet that works the best!
I honestly thought about being one of those moms who breastfeed their children until age 5.. Just so I could eat whatever I wanted!
Breastfeeding... The best diet EVER!

Breastfeeding… The best diet EVER!

You can judge me all you want. It’s the truth.
I know what the science says about the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby – But so far, I haven’t seen it. I formula fed one of my children and breastfed the other two. And they are all healthy and happy children.
However, the benefits of breastfeeding for MOM – I can fully attest to!
In fact, if I could, I’d breastfeed right now.
Lord knows I’d love to get back in my skinny jeans.

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