Tuning into My Gut is Tough

tough gut-3Not your literal mom’s gut, that deep down thought of, ‘I should have said something’ gut feeling. Listening to your ‘mother’s gut’ is advice others preach, but doesn’t mean anything until you’re in that actual moment of having to use it. That something isn’t right feeling means so much more after I became a mom. Mostly because I’m making a decision for someone else, not just myself. These decisions get harder to make and my conscious becomes more confused than ever when I’m in the moment. 

Growing up my twin brothers have always been a big advocate of trusting your gut, there’s two of them, how could I not have those words ingrained. Granted, most of my decisions growing up with them was what am I going to chose to eat and should I steal that cookie? They’re 12 years older so I wasn’t their biggest fan at the time and making the wrong decision led me to getting in trouble. Ah ha! Maybe that’s why I can’t make decisions as an adult!? A conversation for a different day…

Lately I’ve been tuning into my gut more than usual. Although, sometimes I can’t decide if I just can’t make a decision or if I’m just not listening to my gut. These are some examples (confessions) of when I should have listened to my gut, nothing too serious, but enough to remind myself that my gut is important, literally and figuratively. Does any one else have these moments?


“Are you sure she’s stable…? Please don’t trip.”

1. Showing up somewhere without my 15 month old’s shoes. We didn’t realize she wasn’t wearing any until we were getting her out of the car. We were only five minutes from home, but decided to just go inside and assume all would be fine. I ended up leaving my full beer and driving home to grab her shoes because she was running all over the place. I should run home as soon as we parked.

2. Wishing we would have asked to change seats on our overnight to Paris. Total nightmare. I should have asked about our seats before they were assigned at the gate. Lengthy story here.

3. I displayed my daughter’s basic info from her passport on my blog post. I hid all numbers and ‘passport codes’ but still had a feeling I should block it all even though everyone already knows this info. A friend of mine that teaches internet security reached out and advised it wasn’t a good idea to display even Sullivan’s basic info. This was just one of those moments that seemed and I just said ‘whatever’ but I knew I should have listened to my gut.

4. Checking her diaper before we leave the house. That feeling of “oh she’ll be fine” and then there’s no changing table where you are and you have to get creative.

5. I’m bad about this one. My partner calls me the Black Hawk of helicopter parenting, but he also lives in the moment and doesn’t think ahead. I let S explore on her own, but in some situations I hover to avoid an injury. For example, we were at the pool last weekend and S was sitting on the edge of the lounge chair, on Nate’s chair. I gave him full responsibility since she was sitting with him and minded my own business, but in the back of my head I’m waiting for her to pop off and smack her face on the edge of pool. I didn’t want to be a nag, but the words were on the tip of my tongue. It happened. She got lucky and barely hit her cheek followed by a quick cry.

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