Being a Mother is Not an Accomplishment

Being a Mother is Not an AccomplishmentBeing a mother is not an accomplishment.

Anyone can be a mother, be it biologically or adoption. This in and of itself is not an accomplishment. I used to cringe when women would say that their greatest accomplishment was having their child. In my childless days I would think, I can have a child and I would never think of that as an accomplishment. We’re designed to have children. It wasn’t until I had my own child that I understand what the accomplishment is.alissa1

It’s not having the child. It’s becoming the best you for your child. What better motivation is there to improve yourself? To be the best mother, you have to smile when you want to cry. You need to play when you want to crawl into bed. It’s not snapping at your husband when he doesn’t wash the dishes because you don’t want your child to see that behavior. Eating the healthiest food so your child will eat healthy, too.alissa2

When someone says my baby is so personable, or smart, or happy, that’s my accomplishment. I take the time to teach him, to sing to him, to hug and kiss him. I make sure he’s not anti-social as I can be sometimes, and teach him that being around people isn’t scary, but gratifying. My accomplishment is not the fact that I have a child, but what I do for FOR my child.

The accomplishment is raising the child to be the person you want to be but haven’t yet been able to achieve. That child will make you a better person, and really, who’s accomplishment is that? Yours or your child’s?

About Alissa

alissaAlissa is mom to a 1 year old boy who’s determinedly thrusting himself into toddlerhood, wife to a man not afraid to run through the grocery store making racecar sounds, and kitty mama to two 7 month old kittens rescued at 2 weeks old. She attended USF for Mass Communications and works for a national television shopping network. In what non-parents call spare time, she practices circus arts, enjoys photography and video editing, paddle boarding, and exploring new adventures to be had with a toddler.

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