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Note: This is a sponsored post, but I jumped at the chance to have a professional help me with my wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to have their own stylist? It’s easy, surprisingly affordable, and fun! Opinions are based on my experience with Side by Style. Read on to learn how they can make you look amazing, too!


Stripes? Colors? White after Labor Day? What am I going to wear? These are questions that we ask ourselves from time to time, or sometimes, daily. And let’s face it, every time we go shopping with our friends or our husbands, everything “looks great.” But we know that they can sometimes be full of Pinocchio. Shopping for yourself can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to pick pieces that will flatter your body type. So why not seek professional help… Not that kind of help. I mean, a Personal stylist. You may be thinking something like this is completely out of reach, especially budget wise. I thought the exact same thing until I learned about a company called, Side By Style. Side By Style is made up of professional stylists that provide affordable fashion advice, accompaniment shopping, and closet review services.

My Personal Stylist Experience

I recently got to meet an expert personal stylist named Olivia, who reviewed some of my closet items.


I gathered a few pieces from each section: dress shirts, jeans, dresses, bow ties, and lots of converse shoes. Olivia was able to look through my clothes and offer advice on how to wear certain accessories and even showed me how to mix patterns. I honestly thought that mixing patterns could not be done. Ever. Olivia went on to explain the rules of matching patterns and it all made sense. She gave me advice for my shape and skin tone. Olivia somehow even managed to get me to try on a pair of colored pants. I have never worn anything but jeans, so this was quite out of my comfort zone. And while I was hesitant that it wouldn’t go with my style, Olivia was able to add in some of my favorite elements, like my converse shoes, and bow ties to bring it all together. And you know what? I loved it. It added a little more of a polished look, but it was still me.

One of the most important things I learned in this experience is that it’s not about wearing what’s in style, but how it makes you feel. When you feel good about what you wear, it will make you feel good about yourself, which will in turn boost your confidence. The ability to bring out someone’s personality and bring attention in such subtle ways is a unique skill. Side By Style does this effortlessly. It’s more than just a shopping session, it really is about empowering each other as women, one converse shoe (or 16), at a time.

sidebystyleIf you are interested in starting a new wardrobe, going to a special event, or just wanting to kick your wardrobe up a notch, visit Side By Style’s website to get started. It’s as easy as:

  1. Picking your state/location
  2. Choosing a stylist
  3. Pick a date and time
  4. Filling out your information, and submit

You will then receive a courtesy call from your selected stylist to discuss what services you are interested in and to get to know a little about you before meeting up. Payment can be collected before or after services are rendered.

BONUS! They offer gift cards! This makes a really great gift for your mom, sister, or friend!

Extra styling tips from Olivia!


Building a wardrobe starts with staple pieces:

  • black skirt, (pencil)
  • blouses that would go for whatever season
  • Add tights for the winter to make it more fun and change the look of the outfit.
  • Solid blazer. It can be thrown on about anything. Most people can pull them off.
  • Dress pant—Flat front straight leg is usually the best on any shape. 2 pairs in a light and dark.
  • A basic nude pump goes with anything. Make sure the nude matches your skin tone.

Spend a little extra on your staple pieces because they will last longer. Then you can spend less money on other fun pieces.





Rules were meant to be broken

  • Skinny jeans, out. Regular fit jeans, in.
  • Jewelry doesn’t have to match. They just need to look like they can play in the same sandbox together.
  • Can you really wear white pants all year long? YES!
  • Pattern mixing: the rule is to always mix a small pattern with a large pattern. Except for wide stripe. The wide stripe can go with floral and gingham pattern (a checked pattern)
  • Small stripe will make you look more narrow
  • When you have a large chest, go with an accessory like a solid bow tie.
  • Buy on Etsy support local people for accessories like bow ties.
  • Colors: pick colors that go with your skin tone. Find your perfect shades here

Need a Side by Style  Stylist in your life?  Enter below for a free session with Side by Style!!  Included will be a $50 gift card for your shopping pleasure! We  are so jealous of you right now!

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  1. Katie Brown May 13, 2015 at 9:20 am #

    What a great article! Thanks for the bonus information on how to match prints and colors – I’ve always been terrible at figuring out what colors can be worn together. This is a lifesaver! I may have to check out Side by Style for some help revamping my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing!