10 Reasons You Need to Visit Your Public Library

  1. 11149254_10103817601742351_4009383399359312023_nHave you been to your library lately? Let me tell you there is a lot more to the library these days than just books. Yes, borrowing books is a great way to use your library, but there are so many other benefits than just that. The library is especially beneficial if you have little ones at home. First of all let’s talk about the cost which is absolutely free as long as you live in that county. If you do not live in the county is still a fairly cheap price to join another county’s public library system. Here are 10 reasons you should take your child to the public library.library pic
    1. Have you been to a book store lately? To purchase a book you can spend a lot of money and then your child gets bored with the book after a week and never opens it up again. Well the library had a huge range of children’s book to choose from that you could check out for up to two weeks. This year I discovered that the library even had a section of board books for infants and toddlers. I never realized that board books were available for check out.
    2. What about classes? The library offers so many classes for kids and adults. You can go to their website and search for events for specific age groups. My daughter has enjoyed Toddler time, Story Time, Crafts and she even got to see a few Characters like Dora and Diego. However, the library has many more activities that your child will truly enjoy. They even offer yoga.
    3. Libraries also offer many events/classes for teenagers. The library offers events such as Game Zone where teenagers could play video games with other teenagers. Some of the classes that are offered to teenagers include: Adobe animation classes, photo shop, cut-up poetry, I movie and green screen and many group classes that are meant to help teenagers do something beneficial and have fun all at the same time.
    4. What about adult classes? The library offers tons of classes for adults as well. Tai Chi, Bookkeeping essentials, sewing classes and even language classes. I want to try out their sewing classes since they are absolutely free!
    5. Movie Rentals. Libraries typically try to get new releases of books and DVDs. You can borrow that latest, greatest book or movie from the library. Have you checked out the prices to purchase a DVD ($20) or even rent a DVD ($5) lately? That can really add up. Borrowing movies from the library can save you lots of money each month. They also have a huge collections of movies of many of the popular cartoon characters.
    6. Art Exhibits are available at some of the library branches. If you are into art you can find some great art exhibits around town.
    7. Live homework help. It doesn’t matter if you are in second grade or a senior in high school. If you have a library card you have access to tutoring powered by tutor.com. Even SAT tutoring is available!
    8. eBooks! As we become a technology craze world the library is adapting their format of books. Now the library also has available ebooks that could be read on your laptop, tablet or even your phone. Tumble books is an area where you can read ebooks for Pre-k through grade school. Their digital collection is a great way to get additional books that you may be interest in.
    9. Music & Magazines are available in the library, too. I have requested many CDs from my library and have had good luck with them all. Most libraries carry a great selection of magazines for you to enjoy. I personally don’t like the clutter and trash that magazine subscriptions create. And the subscriptions generally cost money. I can read just about any magazine I want at the library for free. When I am done, someone else can benefit from that same magazine. Did you know you can also check magazines out from the library?
    10. Wireless Internet Access is available if you need to check your e-mail, surf the net or to do some research. The library even has wireless printing available.

    So have I convinced you yet? I hope so! Taking advantage of the many benefits your library offers is a win-win for everyone. This month is Library Awareness month so take the time to visit your public library and you will be shocked to amount of new things your local library as to offer. If you do not believe me, then check the public library websites. In Hillsborough County and in Pinellas County look for events available and resources that you have access to which are absolutely free.

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