How to Use Your DSLR Camera: Focus Points by Expert Ashley Yvonne Photography

How to use dslr focus pointsYou might be asking, “What do you mean focus point(s), I thought my camera knows what to do. I point and shoot.” If you’re shooting in Manual Mode, you are now in control of all aspects of your camera’s functions. Your Tampa Bay Family Photographer– Ashley Yvonne Photography is back to walk you through understanding your DSLR Camera- Focus Points.Ashley-Yvonne-Photography-Focus-Points-Newborn

Last month Ashley Yvonne Photography discussed your DSLR Camera- Part 1: ISO– What it means, What it does and How to use it.

Depending on the DSLR you own, there are several focus points in the viewfinder. Look inside your camera and slightly press down on the shutter button, you’ll see several boxes light up, those are focus points. Focus points are important because wherever that focus point is on the photo, is where you’ll see the most clear, sharp point. So now you need to decide which focus point you want to use and what you want in focus on your photos.Ashley-Yvonne-Photography-Tampa-Focus-Points-Family

Everyone has their own reasons as to why they choose the focus point they use. For most, you’ll use the center point. Even if you have your subject standing off to the side and you know you want that to be the most clear, sharp portion of your image, then you will aim the focus point at the subject, press down on the shutter button until you hear it beep as it focuses, continue to hold the shutter button down to lock the focus in, then standing still where you are, recompose the shot and take the photo.

Hint- If you’re focusing on a person and you want them to be clear and sharp, place the focus point between their eyes.Ashley-Yvonne-Photography-Focus-Points-Child

Homework Time! Go outside and play with you DSLR. If you’re photographing a running child, use all of your focus points. If your dog is laying down sleeping, back up and take a photo using your center focus point locked in on your dog. Now, get close up and place the focus point between your dog’s eyes. See a difference in how sharp your images are now?

Check back next month on my next article about RAW vs. JPEG.

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