The [Working] Mom’s Secret to Having It All

EtiKids Working MomExcuse me for a minute, or maybe two or three,
I am typing this in the bathroom- the iPad on my knee.
Time is quite limited- I’m sure they’re on their way…
So to my sisters- with solidarity, I just want to say:
Whether home with the kids or away at a job,
Sometimes it’s so hard and I just want to sob.

I love my kids — more than life itself.
But I have the age-old problem- MY needs go on the shelf.
I used to work out approximately 6 times a week.
My paws and claws were done regularly, and my eyebrows freshly tweaked.
Trust me, I am NOT complaining- I really love my life.
But sometimes I feel like I am a sub-par mother and only an OK wife.
I never get enough sleep, and I have guilt about missing so much,
When I am gone I miss those kids- their smell, their sounds, and their touch.

My typical day is filled- I am sure you can relate.
I have so much to do- so much on my plate.
I wake up so early- the “alarm” goes off at 5.
Clearly the 10-month old baby just wants to make sure I’m alive.
Screaming through the diaper change and calming down to feed,
A minute after he’s asleep, the toddler wants to read.
But It’s only 5:30am and I’d like to sleep some more,
No-go since I have to be awake at 6 and at 7 out the door.

You see, I’m a full-time mom who’s out of the home from the hours of 7:30-3,
EtiKids To DoI try to manage my life with to-do lists- electronically to save trees.
My mom once told me- work is a vacation from home and home a vaca from work.
If that’s the truth, why am I so frazzled- I feel like I am going berserk!

How do mommies run errands, go to the Dr or cut their hair?
Taking the kiddos with me to all the places- hardly does seem fair.
Maybe if I was a stay-at-home mom, I could see my kids all day.
I’d get things done and look glamorous- having time to work and play!
But I know that being home all day is hard- a totally different kind of stress.
It’s not just lunching with the ladies- or picking out a new dress.

“The grass is always greener…” a saying I’m sure you’ve heard-
Spend a day in other shoes- and your envy will be cured.
We are all in this together- since being a mom is work, too.
So- to share advice with this team- I know what we should do.

I read an article about Randi Zuckerberg– ex-Facebook Marketing Guru turned Mom-
She shared her secret to success – seven brilliant words that hit me like a bomb!
Work. Sleep. Family. Friends. Fitness.” – 5 ideals for which we strive.
Pick three.” – They should vary daily- and may not always jive.
My understanding was that by trying to do all five- you’re just sub-par at best.
By choosing three, you’ll have more time- and you may even get to rest!
Sleep-deprived is a state-of-being- normal if you have a kid.
Let’s problem-solve for happiness- of these excuses we should be rid.
So, the plight of the working mom has been solved- your answer is below.
You can’t be everything all of time time- so prioritize as only you will know.

You are a Mommy super-star, and I think you’re doing great.
Just remember that life is dynamic- and you can change your fate.
So no more stress or sadness because you feel you’re missing out.
Time to channel all of that energy- and together we’ll take a new route.
Us working moms must stick together- of this I am so sure.
The Plight of the [Working] Mom has been solved- we FINALLY have a cure.

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