Frozen. Ugh.

It was one of those Sundays where you had to get the family out of the house immediately before you go insane.
But.. where to go that’s not too expensive?

I know!

I had seen a lot of commercials on television about the Frozen Experience at the International Plaza.

I had visions of my adorable children prancing around with Olaf… catching snowflakes in their hair as they sway to the songs of Anna and Elsa… taking pictures with Sven as they sweetly grab candy canes off his antlers.

That was my Mommy Fantasia.

What they don’t tell you.. is the “Frozen Experience” is really code for “A Long Ass Line for Santa”.

Let me set the scene…

There is a huge line stretching across a section of the mall… It is barricaded off by red velvet ropes..

At the end of that huge line.. is not Elsa.

It is a security guard… Leading people one by one into ANOTHER huge line.

The only difference is this line has “snow”.

And by “snow”.. I mean it has torn up, crusty little pieces of styrofoam that are probably coated with germs of Christmas past.

So, my family of five stands in huge line #1 for about 30 minutes… Looking longingly at the “snow”..

Then we get to huge line #2 and can actually play with the snow – and that entertains my bunch for approximately 2 and a half minutes.


But wait.. Is that Olaf? Do I see Olaf?


It’s a cardboard sign with Olaf on it.

That’s it. There is no big, lovable, squishy snowman for my children to run and hug.

It’s nothing but a posterboard cut out of Olaf.

And there’s one of Anna.. and one of Elsa.

My kids were not amused.

Neither were me and my husband.

Not my best idea.

Not my best idea.

But then.. Finally.. FINALLY.. we are allowed past the gate into the big Frozen ball….

We rush in.. an aura of excitement surrounding us.. and we see..


The movie.

They’re playing one clip of Frozen over and over and over and over and over and over again.

But you’re not in that area long because you’re quickly led to see Santa.

It’s a good Santa. He was jolly and stuff.

But my kids were not in the mood.

Cameron faked a smile… But my girls screamed to be rescued.

But we had stood in that 18 hour line – dammit… we were getting a picture with Santa.

So, the Cross family has another picture featuring Santa, Cameron, Audrey, Lexi, my husband and me.



I can sum up our afternoon like this..

My husband just walked up behind me and asked what I was blogging about..

I said, “Our Frozen experience”.

He said – “ugh”.

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