It’s Kindness Day: 5 Quick Ways to Fit a Kind Act into your Day

kindnessIt’s Kindness Day! I’m still trying to figure out what to instill in my daughter when it’s time to actually raise her. She’s only six months old so any form of intellectual conversations I may have with her right now, a smile and giggle is all I get in return. I’ve learned that every thing involving kids doesn’t go ‘according to plan’ but being kind is on the top of my list for my plan to raise her. As adults we get wrapped up in our daily routine which usually leaves us ‘too busy’ to reach outside of our path. There’s little time to think about doing something kind for someone else because our thoughts are filled with schedules, frustrations and sometimes just the mundane things we should probably cut out of our lives all together. I get it, we all get it, everyone is busy trying to survive their day emotionally, physically and mentally. I’m offering these quick ways to be kind not to make you feel inadequate about yourself, but a reminder to slow down and breathe. Kudos to you if being kind is your daily mission. For all of us, when we take a step back, kind acts towards others will naturally happen.

1. Pay it Forward: This is the easiest trick in the book and one I hear most commonly. You don’t even need to fit this into your schedule. Pay for the person’s coffee next in line, splurge and buy the table’s lunch next to you or leave a very generous tip.

2. Take on a chore: Don’t be that person stuffing the remains of your lunch leftovers into the trash only to force the flap farther back so it can’t close. We’ve all done it but today, be the hero that takes the trash out. Replace the bin with an entirely new, and empty trash bag for a fresh start.  Because you know what? It feels good to be able to throw your trash away without feeling guilty, let the next trash recipient have their mind clear of guilty thoughts.

3. Make a donation: Be kind discretely or spread your generosity and share it on social media; make a donation online! Need some ideas? A few of my favorites in the Tampa Bay Area are: Brain Tumor Alliance, The Heart Gallery, or Kids and Canines.

4. Keep it in the Family: Do something for the people you truly care about, your family. Wake up early on a school/work day and make a ‘weekend’ breakfast for your household; start everyone’s day on a positive note!

5. Be kind to yourself! Sometimes we need to be selfish. Use your lunch break to book a massage, call in a babysitter for a night out or buy those shoes you’ve had your eye on for months. Why? Because one of two things will happen when you’re happy and relaxed; positive energy exudes onto others around you making it a more pleasant environment or you will have the patience to be a great listener to a friend’s terrible day.

 Happy Kindness Day 2014!

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