Why I Started Tampa Bay Moms Blog


It’s been an amazing year and a half filled with connections, resources, and friendships.  As we continue to grow and bring FUN events to the moms of our area (Wait to you see what we have planned for you ladies in 2015!!!), I wanted to reflect on exactly why and how TBMB came to be.

TBMB has been my labor of  love and my passion since our family made the decision to launch the Tampa Bay area site of the City Moms Blog  Network.  As some of you may know,  I work full time. This fact was at the forefront of my mind as I thought and prayed on this new venture in my life. But TBMB is not a one-woman-show.  Yes, I am the founder and owner, but I have an incredible group of women around me who share my vision in creating this amazing site and engaged social space  for the moms of Tampa Bay.

3 Reasons I Started TBMB:


1. Relationships & Connections

Our very first post was about relationships.  One of my goals in starting TBMB was to find a way to connect women across the Tampa Bay area through a shared experience–motherhood.  The benefits have proven to be more than I could imagine.  I LOVE hearing about and seeing moms making connections with one another both online and offline at one of our events.

2. A love for Tampa Bay

I love this city, this area of Florida that we call home!  From the art galleries of St. Pete to our sports teams to our museums to our beautiful parks!! I now get to see the Bay area through my daughter’s eyes! Even though I grew up in the Tampa Bay area, I continue to learn about and visit different parts of the Tampa Bay area. Our family has definitely benefited from our Weekend Roundup of activities to Day Trip tips from our team members have shared.

3. A love for local businesses

I’m passionate about shopping with and sharing local businesses with other moms!  TBMB provides that vehicle for me (and our team) to share the gems that I  (we) come across.

On a national level, there are 30+ moms blogs in cities around the United States doing what we are doing here in Tampa Bay. Our network is powerful on so many levels, and it has been wonderful being a part of it. TBMB would not be who we are without CMBN.




Are you ready to make an impact on your local mom community? Are you ready to join a passionate Network of moms?

If you or someone you know might be interested in connecting moms in your community with us, jump at this opportunity to join CMBN with your own Sister Site by filling out our Start a Sister Site Information Form.

We are having tons of fun making a difference in our local mom communities and would love to share this experience with more moms around the country!


2 Responses to Why I Started Tampa Bay Moms Blog

  1. Steph Flies October 27, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    We love having you in this network Sheriss!!

  2. Sheriss November 2, 2014 at 9:02 pm #

    Thanks Steph! Thank YOU for supporting us along the way!

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