7 Signs It’s the First Week of School in Tampa Bay

Today is the first day of school for many in families in Tampa Bay. Some moms are still reeling from shopping for schools supplies, and others are celebrating having a little break from the kids for the day. The traffic has all of a sudden made your commute ten minutes longer, and school buses can be seen everywhere!  No matter how stressed the first week of school can be, take a moment to laugh and enjoy the moment!  Here are 7 signs it is the first week of school in Tampa Bay!

1. You can find millions of paper clips, but not a single yellow folder in any store!

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2. There are so many moms at B-21 and Total Wine that people thought it was Mother’s Day.

giphy-wineSource: Giphy.com


3. This is how your husband reacted when he woke up this morning and realized its the first day of school.

gif-wake-upSource: Giphy.com


4. This is how you reacted after dropping them off on the first day of school.

gif-sadSource: Giphy.com


5. This is what you did when it was time to pick up your kids from the first day of school.

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6. Your kids got a mark because you forgot to sign their school planner.

gif-facepalmSource: Giphy.com


7. And finally, when you took a look at their math homework for the first time!

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Add your favorite sign that it is the first day of school in the comments below!


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