Body Back Week 3: Something Wonderful Just Happened!

body backSomething wonderful happened tonight! With the Body Back program, I’m supposed to couple my 2 group exercise classes with 2 individual workouts each week. I’ve decided to pick up running again and to set a long-term goal of training for a half marathon within the year. So far, I’ve kept my runs short — a mile or 2 and I’m done. I haven’t focused on my time or speed, just getting it in and over. To be honest, my runs haven’t been particularly enjoyable. My stride feels heavy and awkward. But I barrel through it if for no other motivation than the endorphin high that I’ve grown so fond of when all is done. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. But endorphins? I thoroughly enjoy them! Body Back sessions with Regina have been excellent for reminding me just how much I love the feeling of an endorphine rush. I think I might even be at risk for abusing them if it weren’t for the grind I have to put in to get there.

Tonight’s run started off like any of my others. I pumped up music to distract myself from the drudgery, but somewhere about 15 minutes into my run, something changed. My legs . . . they started pulling the rest of me. Up until now, it’s felt like the sheer will of my brain has been the only thing pushing me through the inertia of being out of shape. But tonight, it felt like my body caught up with my brain. My legs felt sronger, like they would do the work for me. I felt ALIVE . . . like in the Frankenstein sense of the word. Granted, it was also dusk and bats were flying creepily close to my head, but I felt like I had slipped on someone else’s stonger, fitter body. Actually, all my senses felt more awake — the breeze was cooler, the evening smell of jasmine was sweeter, and the orange hue of a setting sun was perfection. That’s when Pharell’s “Happy” came on and I, well, I couldn’t help but smile as I ran. I know I must’ve looked pretty goofy out there, but feeling stronger and faster out there did make me happy. Pharell and I rocked it out together for about a half mile which put me right over the 5K mark — a distance I haven’t run since pre-pregnancy! Somebody give this girl a A+ on her Body Back homework!


While the change on my bathroom scale might be marginal, something in my body is defintely changing. Week 3 officially goes down as the page turner. Even if it’s just one single page, I’m grateful for some much needed motivation to continue on towards my fitness goals this week. 3 Weeks down and 3 to go . . . Let’s do it, Body Back!

Disclosure :: Fit4Mom provided our writer, Stefanie with a free 6-week session of Body Back. Her fitness journey is all her own

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