5 Tips for Capturing the Best Fourth of July Photos!

Happy Independence Day! And that means barbecues, beach time, and fireworks. Of course, you’ll want to share these moments on your social media platforms as well.

Be sure to get some great pictures for our Tampa Bay Moms Blog’s Summer Firecracker Photo Contest

TBMBFirecracker Photo Contest

Here are 5 tips to help you get lots of “Likes” with photos from your mobile device.

1.      Turn off your flash

If there’s sun or fireworks involved, odds are you’ll have enough light. Adding a flash will blow out your picture, making the details and the colors a lot less bright.july4photos

2.      Focus the shot

Where do you want people to look? Touch the screen on your device where you want to focus the picture.

3.      Shoot wide

Leave enough room around the edges so that you can crop it into a square – and keep all the important details in the frame.

4.      Choose the right filter

For daytime photos, try softer filters like Mayfair, Rise, and Valencia. Night shots will pop in X-Pro II, Lo-Fi, and Hefe.

5.      Have fun!

Celebrate freedom with your followers and friends and have a Happy 4th of July!

Tampa Bay Moms Blog would like to thank Karen McAllister of AT&T Public Relations | Florida for contributing this article.

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