A New Mom’s Top 10 Must-Haves for You and Baby

When I was pregnant I Googled every list I could find for pretty much every question I had about which baby products to buy like, “Top Items”, “Must-Haves” and “Number one item to make your life easier with a newborn”. I’m one of those that would like a manual. I freak out in my ‘planning period,’ but once baby girl arrived I could care less about what needed to be planned. I like figuring out her cries and what makes her go to sleep, but I also like already having the important tools available in arms reach, just in case. I read tips from other moms, asked mom friends and bought some items based on the majority, so I’ve created my own updated list to continue the efforts of the Googling soon-to-be moms, the next “nine-month generation” registry creators.

My daughter is three weeks old as I write this so I’m in the prime of figuring out what’s working for us and what items I still need to make our lives easier. It’s true when veteran moms tell you newborns don’t really need anything but you might if you want to enjoy your days a little more. I hope this list helps shorten your research time and for those moms past the newborn stage, is there anything you can’t live without??

Top 10 Newborn List

A New Mom’s Top 10 Must-Haves

*These are in random order

1. Nipple Butter and Soothing Gel Pads: I used both of these together during week one because my nipples were so sore, raw and bleeding. We figured out our latch by week two so I transitioned to (Johnson & Johnson) nursing pads for leaking. I was leaking during week one but my nipples would stick to the fabric of the nursing pads so that’s why the soothing gel pads were very much needed.

2. Aden & Anais and Halo SleepSack swaddles: The sleepsack is specifically for swaddling and i use this every night, I didn’t think my daughter liked it at first until she slept like a freaking perfect baby in it! I want to try the Ergobaby swaddler just because I’m loving this company so I’d recommend trying this one too.

3. Honest diapers & wipes: I can’t say enough positive words about this product; Convenient. Chemical-Free. No Diaper Rash. Delivers to your door. Cute diapers designs. Eco Friendly.

4. Mamaroo and Rockaroo: If you’ve heard stories of parents driving in the wee hours of the night to rock their baby to sleep, this is the perfect replacement! I could hold my baby all day but when she’s sleeping and I need to get things done I love having the Mamaroo. There’s five different movement settings (one being ‘car ride’) and you can hook up an iPod to play your own music. The Rockaroo is (4Moms) latest invention which is very similar to the Mamaroo, but rocks front to back, instead of side to side. I ended up getting the Mamaroo only because the Rockaroo was sold out everywhere!

5. Wubbanub Soothie Pacifiers: I like the soothies in general, but these with the animals attached are just so cute. The soothie part is very soft and you can buy these without the animal attachment but I’ve found that it doesn’t fall on the floor as much because the animal lays on the baby. Plus, when baby gets older they can hold onto the animal part which helps when gravity annoyingly wants to pull it down.

6. Co-Sleeper: If you choose to co-sleep this is amazing! I believe in skin-to-skin contact and comforting your newborn, so I would love to have her in the nook of my arm every night, but it’s simply just not safe so this sleeper has been perfect and there’s plenty of room for the three of you in a king sized bed! It even has a night light at the head-end for night time feedings.

7. Boppy or My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: I have the Boppy but tried the My Brest Friend …from my best friend and I liked it better. It’s more stable and stays in place better than the boppy, but it’s not as soft and cozy. My only issue with the boppy is I keep having to pull it back into my mid-section when I’m nursing, but I think this is because I still have a little belly that hasn’t deflated all the way yet. BUT when you really need this pillow for nursing everyone’s belly is in the way, it would be perfect if it clipped around your body like the Brest Friend.

8. Nursing Tanks: I’ve been living in these tanks day and night, they’re also great during Florida’s hot weather. It’s hard to still dress cute when you have to worry about covering a kangaroo pouch and making sure your milk trucks are easily accessible. The tightness of these tanks helps with your pouch, if it’s like mine it literally moves around like a water balloon and it’s hard to tame.

9. ERGObaby Wrap and Stokke Carrier: ERGObaby just came out with a wrap, this company is mostly known for their carriers. I have two other brands of wraps but I prefer this one because the material is very stretchy and soft and there’s a pocket in front so you can really be hands-free! My only complaint that can’t be fixed with the wraps in general is they’re so hot to wear in the summer. This is why I love the Stokke carrier. I love this company as well but I really love their carrier. The one I linked is the breathable ‘cool’ fabric version, has three carrying positions, can last until baby is three years and my most important feature is you don’t need an infant insert! I have the Ergo travel carrier but you need an infant insert and that’s just too hot for Florida so I’ll have to wait until baby is older to wear this one.

10. Granny panties & Heavy Pads/Depends: Don’t ruin your good undies! You’ll bleed for a few weeks following birth so you’ll want to wear large comfy panties and line them with thick full coverage pads. Your wound from where the placenta was attached takes time to heal so the more you push yourself and don’t rest, the longer and heavier you’ll bleed.

Another tip that would have been #11 is using Gold Bond Powder to loosen the umbilical cord. Just sprinkle a little in the moist area at the base. My daughter’s fell off in two days! When I say I googled and researched baby products, it’s literal. On my personal blog I did a master registry list based off my research and I plan to do an update one day of what I actually used, loved and could live without. After reading through that post again I could debate myself on a few items!

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