MOSI Makes the Perfect Mommy and Me Day!


Living in Tampa Bay, there is always something to do, so it is easy to take for granted some regions coolest activities, one of which is MOSI – the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa.  This weekend my daughter and I went to MOSI to check out the new Mythbusters Exhibit.  It has been a long time since we went together to MOSI apart from a school field trip, and it was awesome to spend a Mommy and Me Day together busting myths and doing experiments!


Have you ever watched Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel?  Basically, it is a show all about taking things that people say and testing them to see if it can really happen of if they are myths.  It is really interesting to walk through the exhibit to see how they tested the ideas on the show, and whether the myths were “confirmed” or “busted.”

At one station you could test the probability of whether your bread would land butter side up or bread side up, I am not sure we really counted, but it was just fun to see kids tossing fake buttered bread everywhere trying to figure it out.

kay at mythbusters 02Another cool station was where we worked together to build a house out of different blocks made of materials that had different textures and weights.  Then you put the house into the little test contraption and it shoots a big gust of wind at it.  The goal is to build a house that doesn’t fall down (if only they had this when the three little pigs were trying to get away from the wolf!)  Watching several folks put their houses together, and have them fall one after another, we thought we had no hope.  But, our house actually withstood the wind and didn’t move!  We’d tell you our secret but, then we’d have to blow your house down. Just kidding!

From there we walked through rain and ran through rain to see who got more water on them.  The walking seemed to get us more wet, but I am not sure we did the experiment right.  The cool thing was we glowed afterwards in black light!

There were many cool experiments to do like testing to see if it is possible to pull a tablecloth really fast without the plates falling off, to seeing how fast you can throw a playing card.  And yes, there was even an igniting FART chair, which we decided not to try. Whew!  Boys and girls alike will love busting myths and doing experiments at MOSI.

bed of nails

After the Mythbusters exhibit we headed to check out my daughter’s favorite exhibit called “Kids in Charge.”  This was really cool.  Of course we had to lay on the bed of nails, and yes moms, I did it too!  We also played tug of war with a giant rope which I inevitably lost to my 8-year old daughter, and went to the moon and back, literally!  In Kids in Charge there is a Moonbase you can visit. To get there you travel in a time machine to the year 2070, and you get to see a human colony set up on the moon. Hard to believe that in our kids lifetime it is not unimaginable for that to happen!

A place we spent a lot of time is in the play deli and grocery store sponsored by Publix, also in the Kids in Charge area.  My daughter quickly made friends with the other girls there and before you knew it the parents were being served meals and they were running the kitchen like Master Chefs!

butterflyOutside of Kids in Charge is the Zipline and Ropes Course area.  We didn’t do it this time, mainly because of time and we wore flip flops, but we are definitely going to check it out next time we go!  Also outside MOSI is an awesome butterfly garden.  My daughter loves taking pictures so she had the chance to snap a few pictures of flowers and butterflies while we were there.

One of our favorite parts of MOSI is the IMAX theatre! We couldn’t have picked a better week to go because this week they are playing “The Great White Shark.”  My daughter and I are suckers for Shark Week, so seeing the awesome movie about great whites up close on a screen bigger than my eyes can see was intense! Now if only I can figure how to get the same experience at home…. guess we will have to become VIP members so we can go more often!


Have you been to visit MOSI or the Mythbusters Exhibit?  What was your favorite part?

The Mythbusters Exhibit runs now through May 8th, so make sure you plan a Saturday to check it out.  While you are there, be sure to also visit the IMAX theatre, Kids in Charge and heck, why not go on a trip to the moon and back!

Mosi is located at:
4801 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL  33617

Hours of Operation:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

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