Camp Gladiator–A Different Way to Workout!

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to try something new, Camp Gladiator!

According to their website:

“Camp Gladiator is not limited by a title: gym, club, camp — the only word that does justice to what we are is a movement! Camp Gladiator Camp Gladiatoris a wave of positive energy that sweeps through a community, causing people to connect to who they were meant to be. We believe you are meant to run, jump, crawl, sweat, compete and believe! Camp Gladiator is a refuge to be around other like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself and be challenged from within.”

After my very first experience with Camp Gladiator, I can tell you that everything they say is true.  I was personally welcomed by the trainer for the location that I attended, Mike.  He was energetic (even early in the morning!) and personable.  I was really impressed by the way that everyone was spoken to by their first names, even me.

We started out our workout with an Olympic themed bean bag toss game that resulted in different workouts depending on where the bean bag landed.  The classmates were really good about cheering each other on and supporting each other.

When we finished that, we worked our way over to our mats for a squat challenge followed by a partner activity to round out the class.  My partner (Jenny, who was also super nice to the new kid) and I were responsible for completing up to 6 sets of 6 different workouts focusing on different target areas.  The activity built in team work and community because there wasn’t one exercise that we could have done without each other.  It was nice to have that motivation because I felt like part of the group and I wasn’t as quick to cheat.  Just keeping it real.  🙂

Even after the class, I continued to be inspired by the community that had been developed within this group.  Just since the class I have seen pictures posted on Facebook as well as featured campers and inspirational pictures and quotes.  I totally feel like I got an amazing workout (I was s.o.r.e. the next day for sure!) as well as a nice sense of community and accomplishment.

Overall, I felt that it was a success.  I feel that this class would be beneficial to all ability levels and different stages of “gladiators”.  They have locations and times all over the Tampa Bay area.  In fact, the Tampa Bay Area has a large number of CG Trainers, so finding a time and place shouldn’t be too hard at all!


Starting today, we are partnering together with Camp Gladiator to bring you our “What’s Your Why” contest!  Why do you want to get fit, lose weight and/or get healthy?   It will run for just over a week, and the winner will be given a free month of Camp Gladiator workouts!!


How to Enter

  1. Email your reason for getting fit to info {at} tampabaymomsblog {dot} com by Noon EST on Sunday, February 23rd.  Contest entries MUST include a  50-75 essay explaining why you want to get fit, lose weight, and/or get healthy, along with a picture.  Entries must also be emailed in order to be officially entered in.
  2. All of the pictures and stories received will be posted in an album on our Facebook page by 8:00 pm EST on Sunday, February 23rd.  The picture that receives the most ‘likes’ {in our official entry album} by the following Sunday (March 2nd) at Noon EST will win an AMAZING month of free Camp Gladiator workouts!!  {See more details below.}
  3. The winner will be announced on Sunday (March 2) evening (March 2)!!


Official Rules

  • Pictures should be family friendly.  TBMB reserves the right to use discretion in which pictures are posted.
  • Only submit pictures to which you have the legal rights.  {Basically speaking – they are of you and/or children, and it’s your photograph.  If it’s a professional picture, please credit the photographer in a comment and disclose that you have the rights to post.}  By sending the picture to Tampa Bay Moms Blog, you are agreeing to having the image posted on social media.
  • Each reader may submit only ONE official entry.
  • Pictures must be EMAILED to info {at} tampabaymomsblog {dot} com, not just tagged on Instagram or posted on Facebook.  TBMB will not accept pictures submitted any other way as official contest entries.
  • Pictures must be ‘liked’ IN THE ALBUM on our Facebook page, not on a picture that is shared.  So please be sure that you are clear with your friends and family when asking them to vote.  {Only album image ‘likes’ will be counted.}

The Prize

If your picture receives the most ‘likes’ in the official contest album, you will receive a month of Camp Gladiator workouts!

What is Camp Gladiator you ask?
Camp Gladiator is the nation’s fastest growing outdoor fitness company. CG is so much more than a boot camp. They are truly a fitness movement centered around positive energy, team-building, community and of course, tons of fun! Their “take it a your own pace” camp is for ALL fitness levels. From the triathlete to the stay at home mom, your certified Camp Gladiator Trainer will help you conquer your goals! At any of their 60 minute workouts you will see a variety of fitness styles including plyometrics, endurance training, functional training, HIIT and metabolic conditioning.  So we ask you, What’s Your Why?

So send us your stories and your pics!

Camp Gladiator has locations

across the Tampa Bay Area


South Tampa

St. Pete




Please check out an amazing  video to get a little taste of what CG is all about. 
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