Getting Crafty: DIY Coasters

I’m back with another Getting Crafty project! Last year, I decided to make homemade Christmas gifts for our parents and grandparents by making photo canvases.  This year, I continued the tradition of homemade gifts by making coasters for my friends, family, and coworkers. A quick trip to the local hardware store and craft store and you’re in business!

DIY Coasters

 DIY coasters

What you need:

~4×4 ceramic tiles (I got mine at Home Depot for $0.16/tile.  I made sets of 4 for each person)

~Acrylic paint in whatever colors you desire

~Blue painters tape

~A roll of cork

~Adhesive glue (I used E-6000 adhesive)

~Latex clear coat paint


What to do:

Use the blue painters tape to create whatever pattern you’d like to have on your coasters. I went a little pattern crazy on the first few then realized how long it takes to tape off 60 tiles (yes I made that many coasters), so I made my patterns a little simpler after the first ones.1340

Next, choose your color scheme and get painting! Let your paint dry per the instructions on the bottle.  I recommend letting them dry over night. They’ll look like a hot mess because you’ll be painting on to the blue tape.  Don’t worry….they’ll look nicer soon!

When your paint has dried completely, it’s time to peel the tape off. This is where I had a hard time. In order to get a clean line, you have to remove the tape carefully and slowly. If you mess up, no big deal! Just touch it up with more paint! If there’s any paint in your white space, you can easily remove it with a wet towel or even your finger. Once your coasters look the way you want them to look, it’s time to waterproof them and seal them. Paint a coat of clear coat over the entire coaster. I only used one coat but feel free to do more if you’d like. Let the tiles dry for 24 hours or so.

Now it’s time to put finishing touch on your coasters. Cut a square of cork just a little smaller than the tile. Use your adhesive glue to stick the coaster to the tile. {Side note……this is where I almost killed myself. E-6000 has a lot of warnings on the tube. I suggest using it in a very ventilated area because this adhesive has really strong fumes. I found myself having chest pain and headaches while using it in my garage with 1 small window open (not my smartest move, but it was all in the name of crafting!!!!)}1253

Let them sit overnight to ensure the cork is secured to the tile. I also suggest putting something heavy on them to help the process along.

Putting my nursing textbooks to good use after 8 years of sitting on the bookshelf

Putting my nursing textbooks to good use after 8 years of sitting on the bookshelf

Wrap them up in a ribbon and you’re good to go! Their very own set of custom made ceramic coasters. These would also be a great housewarming gift! Paint them in the color scheme of the home and you’ve created a one of a kind gift that everyone will love! Got a sports lover with a man cave? Paint a set in their favorite team’s colors! Not only are you supporting their team, you’re also saving your tables from those pesky rings that glasses leave behind!

Do you have a DIY project to share? I’d love to start working on my next project!!!

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