Tips for Visiting a New Mom

Visiting a new mom friend or relative (new mom defined as any mom with a new baby, can be first, second, or tenth child) is really exciting and fun.  Nothing is quite as sweet as a tiny, sleepy, cuddly newborn and when I was a new mom (for both my girls) I remember being thankful to have people visit, coo over my baby and keep me company the first few weeks.  Here are some tips to ensure that your visit is a blessing and not a burden.


1.  Bring something to eat!
Most people have mastered this part, when I had baby #2 friends and family brought us enough meals to last weeks and this was such a huge blessing!!!  Now when I visit new moms, I bring a hot meal for that evening that includes not only a main dish but also sides and dessert.  Pasta dishes are always popular for people to bring, so now I try to bring something that is not pasta, taking into consideration their likes/dislikes and any food allergies (things like Quiche or pork chops).  I also like to bring a dish that I have made ahead of time and frozen so that they can put it in their freezer for later when the food deliveries slow down.

I make sure that dishes are all disposable so that they don’t have to worry about washing dishes and since I am already cooking I normally double any recipes and make dinner for my family at the same time.

Quiche - One for me and one for you

Quiche – One for me and one for you

2.  Limit your visit
While staring at a newborn, time really does fly, for this reason when visiting a new mom it is important to be mindful of how long you have been visiting for.  As moms we all know how important it is to rest those first few weeks, but having guest (sometimes back to back) make it hard to relax or sleep, so limiting your visit is normally appreciated.  I try to not stay for much longer than an hour depending on how well I know the mom I am visiting.

3. Make yourself at home
The last thing a new mom needs to do is entertain while taking care of a newborn, so be firm about getting your own beverages, etc.  I think it is also a great idea to offer to help out with anything around the house.  I had visitors wash dishes, do laundry and play with my older daughter to give me a break.  The level to which you will take this will, of course, will depend upon your relationship with the family.

4. Be diligent about hand washing and hygiene
Washing your hands when you arrive and each time you are going to hold the baby is of utmost importance to ensure that you do not pass on any germs to a delicate newborn.  Even more important is NO visiting if you are sick or bringing along sick kids!!!  The baby will still be there when you are better and the mom will appreciate you being diligent to protect their baby.

Overall have fun and enjoy cooing over the baby, but following these tips will help secure a return invitation.

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