New Year Nursery Organization Ideas

The new year always recharges me and makes me want to tackle the clutter in my house. Especially after the holidays, I just wake up on January 1st and proclaim a purging of all holiday residue! The first room that needed major focus this time around was Benji’s. It was just all kinds of trouble for us. The morning and night time routines were becoming increasingly annoying. We were always wasting time looking for clothes that actually fit. Benji is fortunate to have awesome hand me downs and grandparents that spoil the heck of out him with new threads all the time. On the top of that, Christmas presents. It was getting out of hand!

My dad watched Benji for a couple of hours and Jimmy and I got down to business. We filled up 4 bags of clothes and 2 bags of toys! Now you know how crazy I was feeling. The stuff had to go!

A quick trip to the Salvation Army up the road and my shoulders felt a lot better.



All I needed to complete this project were these three items!



The trash bag is for the obvious – donations! I use the Ikea organizers for onesies and to corral the little items I don’t want floating around in his dresser. They just create more messes! This toy bin is my absolute favorite nursery room item. I love how it serves as a cute way to organize all of his toys.

This year I am continuing to declutter as much as I can. I feel it’s extremely important to set the example for my child. It’s really easy to allow his toys and clothes take up room. It only took about an hour or so to complete this and now our mornings and night time routine go smoothly.

How are you getting organized this year? Any tips you can share with me? Please comment below!

Happy New Year! – Vee

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