Christmas Books- Classics and new books your family will love!

Even though my favorite thing around the holidays is watching Christmas movies, my favorite movies that tend to get me in the spirit are not the kinds of movies my children can or will watch. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation anyone?

Instead, I like to gather a few books for our nighttime routine that will put us in the spirit. Living in a warm climate means we need all the help we can get! Our family does not celebrate the religious side of Christmas so my book suggestions are all secular for the most part. For a list of Christian Christmas book suggestions there is a list on Mommy B Knows Best.

Christmas Books for Kids

The Night Before Christmas

This is an obvious choice for good reason! I recall listening to my parents read this as a child on Christmas Eve. I’ve chosen to do the same each year. There is even an app for the book if you don’t own a hardcopy.

The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas

I’m a sucker for NORAD- I use this handy tracker every year and the children love tracking Santa’s progress and knowing when the best time to lay out the cookies and go to bed is. I haven’t read this one yet, but according to reviews it is a modern and fun take on “The Night Before Christmas.” I’m planning on purchasing it soon if our library doesn’t have it.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?

This series is my youngest’s favorite so their Christmas book is lots of fun. The book isn’t too long and has a short and simple message with lots of dinosaurs to learn about!

Merry Christmas, Curious George

A lighthearted and fun book with a familiar plot- Curious George gets lost and ends up causing mischief! This time it brings joy to young patients in a hospital and George is reunited with The Man with the Yellow Hat.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A classic book that needs no explanation. Children love the rhyming and whimsical words of Dr. Suess.

The Twelve Bots of Christmas

Yet another spin-off of “The Night Before Christmas” that is perfect for boys or girls who love all things robotic. “Driods-a Dancing” will probably be stuck in your head after reading!


There are many, many amazing books to read this time of year. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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