Baby's First Scrapbook

With every visit to the doctor, my husband and I felt more and more blessed.  We especially looked forward to ultrasound appointments.  Actually seeing the life that we created develop and grow was amazing.  I wanted to save the ultrasound images forever and document the experience.  So, I decided to make an ultrasound scrapbook!

Plaid paper, Rattle embellishment, Alphabet/Number stickers

Plaid paper, Rattle embellishment, Alphabet/Number stickers

Step One: Select Size

I used 4×6 prints and an 8×8 album.  I find this size to be the most do-able for me, but a fabulous scrapbook can me made with whatever size prints and album you want to use.  Larger albums will typically take more time to put together.

Step Two: Print Ultrasounds

This is a totally stylistic choice.  I scanned my original ultrasound prints and printed 4×6 copies on regular photo paper.  I wanted to save the actual prints from the doctor’s office separately from the scrapbook.  Also, I found it easier to work with thicker, flat prints, rather than the thin, sometimes rolled up prints from the ultrasound technician.  However, looking back, I do think using the originals would look pretty cool!

Step Three: Gather Album, Paper, & Embellishments

This part is a lot of fun.  Head to the craft store, find the scrapbooking section, and stay for a while.  I enjoy the selection and sales at Michael’s, however you’ll find great scrapbooking materials at many other places, too.  All you need is paper, scissors, glue, and embellishments, which are decorative details.  The options and themes are endless.  I, admittedly, go overboard. (My husband got me terrific organizers to hold my paper, stickers, ribbon, bows, glitter, sequins, borders, markers, scissors, glue, the list goes on and on!  A big shoe box works too.)  You can find packs of scrapbooking paper and scrapbooking kits, however I prefer to buy everything separately so that I can choose exactly what I want.  I even found footprint paper and adorable white baby shoe stickers with actual ribbon laces!  Here’s a page I designed around the first ultrasound image of my daughter’s cute little feet!

Footprint paper, Footprint stickers, Baby shoe embellishment, Purple polka dot ribbon

Footprint paper, Footprint stickers, Baby shoe embellishment, Purple polka dot ribbon

Step Four: Go!

In designing pages, do whatever makes you happy. I love the feeling of finishing a page that just makes me smile.  Remember, there is no right or wrong way to put together a page.  Keep in mind, sometimes less is more.  At 18 weeks, we found out we were having a girl!


I also dedicated pages in the scrapbook to my baby showers.  It’s a nice way to illustrate the love and support from family and friends during your pregnancy.  I pasted the invitations onto paper and decorated around them.  I also included pictures from the very special celebrations.

I saved all of our Ob appointment cards.  I got cute little envelopes at the craft store and put a few of the cards in them and stuck them in the back of the book.  I love the nostalgia I feel when I see those cards.

Small, decorative envelopes

Small, decorative envelopes

Scrapbooking is perfect while you’re pregnant because it makes you feel good and it takes little energy.  I’ve also really enjoyed flipping through it now that my baby girl is here.  And hey, if you’re stuck on bed rest, do it!

Michael’s invites scrapbookers to Crop Night.  You pay a small fee to go to the store and use their tools on a specific day.  It’s also a chance to meet other scrapbookers and “kick back in a tub of glitter,” according to the store website.  That’s my kind of party!

Always use archival quality and acid-free materials for longer preservation.  And one ‘buyer beware’ from one mom to another: Scrapbooking materials add up quickly.  You walk into the store planning to buy materials to make one scrapbook and you leave with enough for five!!

Happy Scrapbooking and Congratulations!

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