Back to School – DIY Teacher Gift to Love

August is a busy month in my house. Not only is it mine and my daughter’s birthday month, it’s also Back to School Time! If you’re like me, you’re caught in that “in between” place of being stressed over school supply lists and being so excited that you’re kids are headed back to school. I’m so ready for the first day of school although I can’t believe I have a first grader already!  Where did the time go?!?  But while we’re getting caught up in getting ready for the first day of school, there’s a special person that shouldn’t be left out…..the teacher!!!!  So why not send in a Back to School gift on the first day of school? 

I made these a few years ago for my son’s PreK teacher and Aide during Teacher Appreciation Week towards the end of the school year. They were a big hit and would be an wonderful gift to bring in on the first day of school.

What You’ll Need

  • empty craft box (you can find them at Michaels, Joann Fabric, Walmart, etc)
  • glue dots
  • ribbon
  • computer paper
  • scrapbook paper in your teacher’s favorite color
  • letter stickers
  • paper clips, push pins, pens, etc, to fill your box

What to Do

  1. Take a piece of paper and trace the top of the box. There should be a groove on the top. This will serve as your pattern for scrapbook paper.
  2. Wrap a piece of ribbon around your box.  Make sure to make it long enough to tie a bow. Place a glue dot in the center of your ribbon on the top and bottom of the box. This will hold the ribbon in place.
  3. Cut your scrapbook paper to fit the top of your box using the pattern you made. You can get as creative as you want for this step. You can use one color or three like I did. I picked 3 papers that looked good together and incorporated the teacher’s favorite colors. Add embellishments if you’d like and attach everything with glue dots.
  4. Add your teacher’s name to the top with stickers.
  5. Now it’s time to fill the box! This was my favorite step. I wanted to make sure they had enough desk supplies so I filled my boxes with paper clips, push pins, pens, binder clips, and hand sanitizer in her favorite colors and of course, added chocolate!!!

The teachers loved their boxes and the goodies inside! One even had to hide it from her daughter because she liked it so much and kept trying to steal it from her. It’s a nice way to make sure your teachers know you appreciate them and want them to be prepared for the school year.

Do you send a teacher gift on the first day of school? Want to share a great teacher gift idea? Tell me about it! I’m always looking for new ideas!

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One Response to Back to School – DIY Teacher Gift to Love

  1. Kelly August 9, 2013 at 1:53 pm #

    This is a cute idea! Even as a teacher, I’ve never thought of a back to school gift before, what a great idea! I love practicality and thoughtfulness. That makes this a package deal!

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