You're Allergic to What??

As someone who has food sensitivities, the last thing I want to hear when I go to a restaurant is, “Oh, that’s a weird thing to be allergic to…ummmm…I don’t think it’s in that dish you want to order.” Not exactly the statement of reassurance I want to hear. I am fortunate that my sensitivity only causes severe digestional distress and not a life-threatening reaction. I know for many people–and more frustrating, their kids–with life-threatening food allergies, going out for the day means careful meal planning, as well as bringing along appropriate food choices.

At my recent visit to Busch Gardens, I learned all the great ways the theme park is catering to people with food allergies–as well as for people watching their waist lines!

Trained through The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAANTM), all park employees are aware of allergen management. Busch Gardens has designed an array of choices thoughout the park to help you and your family have an enjoyable–and delicious–day.

Gluten Free to Go Snacks at Busch GardensThe first, easy-to-grab options are provided through their vendors, Divvies and Gluten Free To Go. These prepackaged items are delicious and are clearly labeled with allergen information. An assorted variey–including pretzels and SunButter, dried fruit, cookies, popcorn, and candy options are available.

If you are looking for a bigger meal, Busch Gardens has several sit down restaurants. The best option for those with special food needs is the Crown Colony.  Although all food establishments at Busch Gardens are prepared to provide you detailed information with an allergy binder of all ingredients in each meal, the Crown Colony is the designated location for those with allergies. One choice that sounds particularly delicious is the gluten free pizza.

Crown Colony Busch GardensAn important piece in managing you or your child’s food needs in the park is the Allergen Chef Card. By completing this card prior to your trip to Busch Gardens, you can give the chef preparing your meal vital information to keep your family safe. These cards are also available at the park.

For those of you just wanting the watch what you eat, Busch Gardens is rolling out the 600 calorie program. Several meals–including turkey burgers, veggie wraps, a seafood platter, and a Mediterranean salad with fruit–are offered at under 600 calories each.

If you thought going to a theme park and dealing with food allergies would be a challenge, Busch Gardens is working hard to make it an easier experience for you and your family! If you have any additional questions regarding any of the food offerings at Busch Gardens, please contact [email protected].

Special! Coming Tomorrow…

Have toddlers and think Busch Gardens is to much for them (or you) to handle? Stay tuned tomorrow…our guest contributor, Christina, is going to share some great tips with you about how easy it can be to take your little ones to Busch Gardens. Hear how she does it by herself!

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