He's Our Best Guy

This year, my husband and I will celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary.  As cliché as it sounds, time sure does fly!  It truly seems like yesterday that I’d started dating this nice guy, then met and married his friend! Ha! Best decision ever!
We waited a few years to start our family.  Though, I never doubted his ability to be a great father.  He has such an amazing heart, a huge capacity to love.  I’ll never forget day I told him we were expecting.  He was so happy, so joyous.  So it was fitting that he was the first person to see our daughter as she was being born via emergency c-section, the first to feel her firm grip, the first to tell waiting family that we were both ok.

When Harper was born, she looked just like her dad (She still does!)  Friends and family spared no expense to tell us that, every chance they could.  Of course, he loves hearing that.

On his post for our Total Daddy Takeover day, Johnny mentioned how our daughter runs to him when he comes home, singing “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” What he doesn’t see, is her waiting to see if she can hear his car door close, her jumping up and down, giggling excitedly as his keys turn in the door knob.

He is her guy!  They have a connection that is amazing to see.  He’s my best friend, my husband, but he is her daddy.
father's day Tampa Bay
Happy Father’s Day!

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