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Tales from the Unschoolers: A Day in the Life of an Unschooling Family, Part 1: Morning

It’s ten o’clock in the morning on a Wednesday in the middle of January; a time when children are expected to be in school, sitting upright with pen and paper in hand, having knowledge crammed into their soft, pliable brains. My kids, on the other hand, are still in their PJ’s, laying on the couch […]

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A Guide to Middle School

I’m a newbie mom to the world of middle school. My daughter is in the sixth grade and my experience with middle school is limited. To preface this post, let me say that transitioning into the middle school years is very personal for each child and family. What works for one family, or even one child […]

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Put An End to Homework Battles

I was checking homework recently when a note on the corner of one of my students’ papers caught my eye.  Scrawled in uppercase letters were the words, I HATE HOMEWORK.  The sentiment did not come from a surly middle-schooler, but rather a quiet, unassuming first-grader.  My reactions ranged from shock, to amusement, to empathy.  Shock, […]

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Why I Love Preschool (and You Should, Too)

Not all preschools work out. Some are mediocre, others are awful, and a handful are amazing. And while there’s definitely an across-the-board standard for certain aspects, there’s also a good amount of personal preference that determines whether you love or hate any particular school. Except ones that practice poor hygiene. You should probably just run […]

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A Parent’s Guide for Volunteering at School

If you are active in your child’s school and are present, your children see that, they know you are interested in them and their day to day. You get the opportunity to spend a little extra time with your children, too! You have the opportunity to share with the classes, help out a teacher, and interact with other parents. My kids have always had awesome […]

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Sneaky Geeky: How I’m Trying to Raise the Next Generation of Nerds

Geek culture no longer exists only outside the mainstream, as witnessed by the huge success of movie franchises such as Lord of the Rings, the X-Men series, the Marvel movie franchise, the hugely profitable Star Trek movie series reboot, HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation,  and the hotly anticipated Star Wars sequel. Add in the fact […]

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