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January Mixer2

The Babysitter Swap: It's a Great Way to Find Exactly What You Need

Finding a babysitter can be a daunting task. You want someone reliable, caring, and good with your children. Often, as parents, we turn to grandparents, friends, neighborhood teens, or recommendations. Sometimes, however, you need a caregiver and find yourself at a loss for options. Ever find yourself in that position? Read on to find out […]

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admired jewelry

Unique Gifts from Tampa

As a mompreneur in Tampa, I have met many people developing their own creative products that are fabulous for holiday gifts.  I could write pages on all the innovative entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area, but have just selected a few that offer unique options for gift giving this holiday season. Artsy Ant Alphabet Art […]

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4 Tips for Tampa Bay Mompreneurs

If anyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, it is a mom.  That’s right, we moms are tough, multi-tasking, no-nonsense, goal setting, organizing, git-r-done, working machines!  After all, where would our families be without us? Moms make good entrepreneurs because they keep going, and going, like the old Energizer Bunny!  Getting told no usually doesn’t […]

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