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18 weeks

Birth Story: Expect the Unexpected

My pregnancy was one for the textbooks. After trying (and charting temps!) for just over 7 months to conceive (which at the time seemed like an eternity!), my husband and I learned we were expecting our first baby. I gained weight as expected, gave up coffee, ate healthier than ever before, had virtually no morning sickness, […]

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Two Birth Stories: A Comparison

I have two beautiful little girls who have a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences.  One is loud, busy and blond and the other is calm, sweet and a redhead.  Their birth stories could also not be more different, like night and day (literally, one was born at 4:13 am the other […]

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Baby's First Scrapbook

With every visit to the doctor, my husband and I felt more and more blessed.  We especially looked forward to ultrasound appointments.  Actually seeing the life that we created develop and grow was amazing.  I wanted to save the ultrasound images forever and document the experience.  So, I decided to make an ultrasound scrapbook! Step […]

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